Needs Assessment
After understanding your business nature, we define the job scope and candidate requirements including qualifications, professional experience, technical, and soft-skills.

Research & Search Strategy
We employ a tailored strategy to search for candidates through various recruitment channels including MATADOR Careers,  a profiled database of over 50,000 professionals.

Candidate Short-Listing
We short-list candidates after thorough screening through psychometric profiling, face-to-face and phone interviews, formal technical and soft skill tests.

Candidate Presentation
We recommend short-listed candidates via our proprietary CRM tool, the MATADOR Bullseye System. It allows you to review candidates and track the recruitment process. We arrange with your selected candidates for interviews at your convenience.

Reference Check
We conduct a reference check to verify your candidate choice’s background and work experience.

Negotiation & Offer
We benchmark compensation based on budget requirements and market rates, manage expectations, negotiate and close the offer with your candidate choice.

We follow through to ensure your new hire settles well into the job and the assignment is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

“With the use of MATADOR’s CRM tool, the Bullseye System, it is easy to keep track of the candidate profiles and where we are at in the recruitment process. Through MATADOR, we have employed a number of IT personnel in Singapore and hopefully, in our Malaysia and Philippine offices as well.”

General Manager & MATADOR Fan